Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Center.Com

smlm yul saje gatal2 register dlm utk lihat perkembangan baby..maklum la 1st baby..byk benda yg yul,atas cadangan kak noraini (member opis) yul try la daftar kt far,byk maklumat yg yul perolehi kt sini..every week babycenter akan antr email ttg perkembangan baby yul..siap antr gmbr mcm kt bwh ni..gmbr pn mengikut bape mggu kandungan kita la..

setakat ni usia kandungan yul 8 mggu..mcm gmbr kt ats ni..antara kandungan email yg dihantar kt yul spt kt bwh ni..baca ek..semua dlm english

Hello Nurul! 8 weeks pregnant

If you could see your baby this week you'd see that his fingers and toes are emerging, his eyelids practically cover his eyes and his embryonic tail is just about gone. Of course, it's still too early to tell whether you're having a boy or a girl because the telltale parts aren't visible yet, but go ahead and play the guessing game. Many mums-to-be say they have an inkling early on - and often they're right!
Congratulations - your embryo is now called a fetus, which means "offspring". Your uterus expands to accommodate its new resident, which now measures approximately 0.6 inch / 1.6 centimetres. Many changes take place this week - the embryonic tail is gone, and all organs, muscles, and nerves are beginning to function. The hands now bend at the wrist, and the feet begin to lose their webbed appearance. Eyelids are beginning to cover the eyes. Your pregnancy is changing your figure as well. Your breasts may have grown large enough that you'll need bigger bras with better support than your old ones. You may notice your waistline expanding as well, forcing you to pack away your favourite jeans until next year. If you drink plenty of fluoridated water - eight glasses or more a day - you should be getting enough fluoride so calcium and phosphorus will bond well in your baby's developing teeth and bones

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  1. ha akak pun ader daftar web ni...time ni dia bg tau perkembangan baby kita...

    nanti bila dah lahir..dia bgtau plak camner kita nak jaga..nak tau aper leh bt..aper takleh skang la akak dpt email2 dia.info2 nyer amat berguna...

    boleh kata hari2 dapat email from this web.nurul kena banyak baca tau..sekurang2 kita tak gugup bila something happens..hehhe