Wednesday, February 3, 2010

~12 weeks~

12 weeks = 3 months
hr ni dh msk 3bln usia kandungan bb ckp pas 3bln dh xde alahan..btl ke?? je pg td muntah2..insyaAllah..pas ni harap2 xde dh kot
ptg ni ada 2nd check up kt klinik suraya..
Hello Nurul!
12 weeks pregnant
Welcome to your second trimester! Your raging hormones could be calming down a bit and you may also notice your nausea tapering off. Most women happily wave goodbye to morning sickness around now (although queasiness can return periodically throughout pregnancy). This week, your baby's face looks much more human. Her eyes have moved closer together and her ears are just about where they should be. Your baby has entered what is known as the fetal period, when tissues and organs rapidly grow and mature. Many women enjoy pregnancy much more in this trimester - early symptoms fade and the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically. We hope this is the way it turns out for you, and we're here to support you through all the ups and downs of the weeks to come.

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  1. da 3 bulan da ker?ishk2..cptnyer...
    jaga kesihatan elok2 yer...:)